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We are not just only into the business of building applications and digitizing businesses, we also train technology enthusiasts on the trending technologies in the market and what we use .

Training Courses

Training can be done via our online platform, scheduled zoom classes or our training centers. All training are projected based oriented

Website Design (Front-End)


in 3 weeks
This is usually the foundational first step (and would be our recommendation) for newbie just starting out programming. It is usually a prerequisite for almost everything even digital marketing. We'll be covering the following in this training:
  • The Internet, how its works, Its protocols
  • HTML 5 fundamentals & CSS 3.
  • Bootstrap 5 would also be covered in the course
  • ES6+ and Modular JavaScript would be taught in depth including OOP & Design patterns and API Consumption
** As a bonus, VueJS, Animate.css,Font Awesome, and a lot of libraries would be introduced in the course Book Now

Domain Registration & Web Hosting


in 1 day
No more localhost!. We'll show you how to move your projects to the cloud so it could be accessible to everyone on the web. You'll also learn :
  • How to purchase a domain, change domain namespace, tips for a perfect domain
  • free/paid SSL Configurations and site security
  • Web hosting (direct - *zip / via FTP client)
  • Cpanel and its tools
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WordPress Development


in 2 weeks
WordPress powers about 39% of the total websites out there. This is due its simplicity and the no coding little coding skill requirements. You could easily integrate more functionality by integrating third party powerfully tested plugins. We'll teach you how to build sites like ours, how to use the most commnon plugins including Elementor, Revolution slider, Yoast SEO, Contact Form and a lot more. No programming knowledge is required but knowledge of HTML & CSS is advantageous Book Now

Mobile App Development with React Native & Expo


in 4 weeks
This training involves building cross platform mobile application using react native. Knowledge of ES6+, Typescript & React is required. Also you might be required to purchase an Apple / Google developer account to upload your app to their respective stores Book Now

Development with PHP & MySQL (Back-End)


in 1 Month
For most people, this usually comes after web design class. It majors in working on the server side prior to web design which is done on the client side. This course focuses on using PHP as the server side language. PHP has several advantages over other language.
  • It is far matured that most server-side languages and is been used many large corporations including facebook & wordpress
  • Due to its popularity,hosting PHP script is very easy as all servers support it
  • It shares almost the same syntax with JavaScript which reduces the learn curve
At the end of the training, you should be able to
  • Create sites that generates content dynamically
  • Restrict pages to only authorized accounts
  • Understand SQL, database normalization and work with major relational databases
  • Email notifications, Payment Integration with Paystack or Flutterwave, Rest API design & JWT Authentication
** As a bonus, you would be introduced to the Laravel CodeIgniter framework Book Now

Blog & Content Monetization / Writing


in 2 days
Have you always wanted to have a blog and make money out of it?. This training covers the process of:
  • Blog creation and management
  • Google Ads setup
  • Traffic direction
  • Paid advertising and sponsorship
  • Keywords & trend research
  • Social media influences,online publicity and referrals
    • **Note: Blog is not a quick avenue to wealth as many thinks. It actually requires consistency and time Book Now

eCommerce Website


in 2 days
This training is ideal for those who would want to sell their products online or want to go into the business of building online stores for others.
You don't necessarily need to have any programming or marketing skill but WordPress knowledge would be a big advantage. Book Now

Graphics & Animation Design


in 1 months
At the end of this class, You should
  • Have a good understanding of some graphics related softwares including Blender, CorelDraw, Filmora, Camtesia,Illustrator & Photoshop
  • Build flyers, posters, business cards, banners & logos
  • Repairing and retouching images
  • Basic Video editing
  • Creating a graphics portfolio & marketing yourself on fiver or upworks
  • Printing & Production
  • **Every required software would be given to you in the classroom Book Now

React & Redux


in 1 months
React is a popular Javascript library created by facebook. It is majorly used in creating single page applications and mobile apps. Its a prerequisite course to some other courses. Knowledge of HTML & CSS is required for this course. JavaScript & Using Terminal knowledge are also an advantage, though it would still be covered in the course. Book Now
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Digital Marketing I


in 2 days
This training focuses on marketing on Facebook flagship products(Facebook,Instagram,Whatsapp) and Twitter. Everything you need to know from Handles creation, to analytics, to lead generation and conversion would be covered. Already having a business you wish to promote would be advantageous to your learning hence a fictional business name would be used for practice Book Now

Digital Marketing II


in 2 days
This training does not require completing Digital Marketing I. It approach is focused on marketing on google's flagship products including Google itself, YouTube, Gmail,Maps etc. Alot would be covered here including:
  • Using Google Analytics to gain insights
  • Google Ads Platform and PPC
  • Keywords research
  • Google business spot placement
  • First page listing
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